A month of using Vodafone 4G in Kerala’s capital city

When you have to review a product or service that has been introduced in the market for the first time, you are a bit lost initially and then you set your own parameters and benchmarks. But when a second player comes up with a similar product or service, it becomes very easy to review the second entrant as you already have something to compare it with.

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A week of riding the Airtel 4G highway in Trivandrum

It was probably ten days back that I got a call from Airtel Corporate Communications inviting me to a Bloggers meet to be held in connection with their 4G launch in Thiruvananthapuram. I was a bit confused, I wasn’t a blogger in the true sense, but then why was I being invited? We are inviting only few people, said the Corp Comm guy. It seems a common friend had recommended my name. I cross-checked. Guess, it was my active presence in the social media that qualified me for this event. Continue reading

My office is where I am

I have been working in the ‘My office is where I am’ mode for more than seven years now. It gives a lot of flexibility and convenience. Just for the records sake, I have filed / uploaded stories while travelling on several Express, Jana / Swarna Shatabdi / Shatabdi / Rajadhani Exp trains across India, not to mention waiting rooms at railway stations and several hotel lobbies.

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Washington Post: A royal baby born in Washington?

I spent some time today as an invigilator during the entrance test for admissions to PG Diploma courses in Journalism at the Institute of Journalism (IJT) run by the Press Club in Trivandrum. About 125 candidates attended the three hour test. A glance at the answer sheets left me assured that the future of journalism is indeed going to be in safe hands. Have a look at some of answers by the prospective journalists:

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Kerala – Devil’s or Hartal’s own country?

no-hartalIt’s sad that this highly literate State of Kerala has an irresponsible opposition, a bunch of spineless ruffians who want to show their opposition through street fights and call a hartal at the drop of a hat. And I am surprised that there are lot of well educated people around who support and justify this kind of hooliganism.

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