31 Days of Happiness at Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum


Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum has rolled out a month long festival promotion – 31 Days of Happiness, exclusively for foodies and party lovers in the capital city. The main attractions of this promotion includes 31 different offers spread across 31 days, daily DJ nights at the VBar, Saturday Street food promotions, Sunday brunches and elevated buffets at their Garden Grille restaurant.

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Take holidays but not from Mahindra Zest

Every working professional needs a holiday once in a while but does that mean you end up loosing your peace of mind rather than taking a break? But at the same time I can’t understand how educated and senior professionals can fall into such traps. Is it so easy for the marketing guys to take them for a ride? Are they sure that since they are always busy with their work they won’t do any follow-ups for want of time? Whatever be the reason, I think these kinds of rackets are never ending. I am posting a mail from my friend who had a not so pleasant experience with Mahindra Zest Holidays. I hope others don’t fall into the same rut.

For sea food freaks

The last time I was driving though Kollam on NH47, I decided to check out a place I had heard from a friend to have some good sea food. Just 3 kms off the National Highway, Thirumullawaram has a rustic and serene setting that’s a welcome break for us city dwellers. You can park the car amidst the coconut trees and walk across the rocky beach to Chandran Pillai’s shack. Even though the facilities are the bare minimum, it offers the best sea food you can get in this part of the country.