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Every working professional needs a holiday once in a while but does that mean you end up loosing your peace of mind rather than taking a break? But at the same time I can’t understand how educated and senior professionals can fall into such traps. Is it so easy for the marketing guys to take them for a ride? Are they sure that since they are always busy with their work they won’t do any follow-ups for want of time? Whatever be the reason, I think these kinds of rackets are never ending. I am posting a mail from my friend who had a not so pleasant experience with Mahindra Zest Holidays. I hope others don’t fall into the same rut.
Dear Friends,
I have a bad experience with Mahindra Zest and was going through the web to find out how to get my matter redressed with Mahindra Zest. While searching the web I understood there are lot of complaints from different people about the poor service and insensitivity in resolving the complaints raised by individuals.
The purpose of this mail is to find if any of you or your acquaintances is facing any issues with Mahindra Holidays. I would briefly describe my problem for your understanding and hope to hear your suggestions and support for my case.
1. My membership number with Mahindra Zest is 91006242 , Season: BUZZ & Membership period is from 01/05/2010 to 30/04/2020
2. I am dissatisfied with the services and hence wanted to terminate it with immediate effect. The reasons for discontinuation of services informed to Zest are –
  • Most of the resorts are based with proximity to Chennai/ Tamil Nadu and no new resorts are adding up in other parts of the country as promised during the booking of membership. In Oct’10 I am transferred to Hyderabad and the convenience of taking short breaks with Zest is not looking feasible.
  • The total cost of taking a membership is working out to be more than what was shown to me during the sale. They have added Annual fee which is variable and this was not informed to me earlier.
  • Zest had given me a free three day stay as bonus to taking new membership. I had utilized that for stay at Pondicherry which was not very pleasant, feedback regarding that was mailed to Zest immediately on 9 Mar’10 after return from the stay. Overall my experience is not satisfactory and definitely not to the expectations.
3. I instructed my wife and she spoke to Ms. Jevitha customer care executive reference (No. 157848) on 30th Nov.2010 that I would like to cancel my membership with Mahindra Zest and kindly instruct my bank to immediately stop any further payments to Zest.
4. Based on the input from the customer care executive I sent a mail to ‘feedback@zestbreaks.com’ on 1 Dec’10 with reasons of dissatisfaction and quoting the above reference number. Same day I got an acknowledgement from Ms P Sasikala ‘Reference no=157-962’ saying my complaint would be redressed within 3 working days.
5. Inspite of several reminders on mail no body from Mahindra zest has contacted me. Also they have continued deducting EMI in month of Dec’10 and Jan’11. I have instucted to My Bank HDFC on 15 Dec’10 to stop ECS which also not happened till now, where as, as per agreement signed with Mahindra zest either party can stop the ECS with immediate effect.
6. I have not availed any holidays / services where as zest has deducted Rs 84,026/- as EMI and another annual fee of Rs 4,379 for the year. So request Mahindra Zest to refund the entire amount to me.
7. Last week around 17 Jan’11 finally I got a call from Zest Chennai office and said I would get refund of EMI deducted in Jan’11 but will not get refund of money already deducted as per agreement (Agreement is one sided and as usual we do not go into finer details while signing the dotted lines). In fact Buzz membership fee is around Rs 1 lakh and as per agreement 60% money will not be refunded, they have deducted much more than that. I feel cheated by this organization and totally frustrated by their approach.
I would like to hear from you about your experience with Mahindra Zest and whether we can join hands to campaign against Mahindra Holidays & Resorts Ltd. If any brave hearts are ready to buy my membership at a discount, I can transfer my membership also.
With warm regards,
Biju George
DGM, Idea
Cell no: 9848002766
Email: biju.george@idea.adityabirla.com

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  1. Let me put across a pt a very clearly… There are many schemes like this in healthcare / hospitality sector which takes away the money quickly… This is meant for some one who makes money through corruption, laundering etcc… I don't think a hard earned money / honest money should be wasted for such activities… Being a sales guy , i think many such organizations are looking at the weakness of the society in large and makes quick money… This is called while collar corruption… new age corruption…Anish Tiwari, Bangalore

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